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Helmet Heroes Weapons
Posted by: Helmet, 2015-10-22, 02:43 - 19 comments

Helmet Heroes is a big online MMO game in which you can grab friends to explore the world and fight against monsters together. Also, gather swords and other equipment.

Recently, Helmet Heroes game has added many unique features like armor and weapons. Today, we will learn about Weapons including Magic, Ranged, Melee and Artillery Weapons.

So, you should know that a weapon is an indispensable tool in the Action Games. Of course, they are made to equip for players so that they can attack enemies, also other players or simply cut the trees. Weapons can damage, and each of them has the own ability. Maybe you can take a few days to obtain them by defeating enemies, or buying in the stores with your money. You can get them by trading. Players will exchange money or items. There are many types of weapons for you.


With Magic Weapons, you can use them from the basic wand to hydro tech wand. Indeed, it has both of one and two-handed forms. In which Staff and Wand are the most necessary. When you use them, they can shoot magic and help you damage the rivals. However, you only activate this ability once your hero has MP and the special skill. It is useful to heal you if you are in a pinch. If you want to have more information about Magic weapons, you can click here. It has the board of magic wands and others along with the detail of level, price, shop, etc.


When mentioning to Ranged Weapons, you can imagine its function and features. Here, the basic shape of the Ranged weapon looks like the bow. However, it has a lot of versions as the improvement. The power of these will be stronger, and it makes an easier victory. With Ranged weapons, you don't need face directly, but you can stand far away from the enemy's position. These weapons will promote its highest effect if players have the special abilities as ice or fire. For more information, you can see here:


Next, we will move to Melee Weapons. They are weapons can defeat directly the opponent and can kill them. They have no real attacking range or special capacity. But they can make others wounded well. Melee weapons are usually dropped most. Now, there are three typical Melee weapons:

This is the Red Plastic Sword. It is helpful at the starting time. It can be bought from Sales Man.

This is the Small Bow for archers. It can be found at Anoop.

This is the Basic Wand for starting wizards. It is also bought in Anoop.

Finally, we have Artillery Weapons. They seem to be guns that you use at a long and far distance.

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