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Helmet Heroes Pets Guide
Posted by: Helmet, 2015-10-30, 02:43 - 8 comments

Pets in Helmet Heroes are the little companion supports you increase drop rates, pick loot, attack monsters and ride. They have equipment like Boots and Pet Hats. Pets have 4 stats: HP, Power (Strength), Dexterity, and Defense.

You should set the low ratio when filling the love measure. Then, raise it when the love is full.

In Helmet Heroes, Pets also have various modes.

  • Attack mode allows pets attack monsters. But the damaged level and speed will be different from each other.
  •  In Loot mode, pets can follow you and pick up any loot from killed monsters.
  •  With Luck mode, pets will follow you and do nothing. But the drop rate increases.
  • Mount mode (the third evolved stage) add 20% of pets' power to Strength, Magic, and Range. Speed increases, too.

    Note: You also have other Helmet Heroes modes by matching two different actions in one mode. Some attack modes will attack quicker but hit weaker, or hit stronger but attack slower. HP is restored with food. You can go to the equip tab and choose the food then feed your pets. If they get KO'd, you can feed it an apple or a banana. The more pets you own, the less love on pet KO you will lose.New: Your pets can be healed by a healer. So, your pets can gain over 1000 HP easily, and you don't need to spend too much on food.

    Leveling and stats

    Pets in Helmet Heroes often have the random stats. So, with the max love, the chance to have increased stats is better, along with the points. Each pet has Defense, Power and, Dexterity. They are raised at different chances. Mount or Speed seems to have the higher chance to get more Dex, Power and Defense. They can get the Strength and Defense but the opportunity is lower. This rule is also applied for Power.

    Maybe, pets tend to maximize HP so that they can level up, too. HP-50 Power-4Defense-4Dexterity-4M

    In depth guide, another way to boost HP, Defense and Dex on Pets is to use Books. But you may save money and gather your HP over 5000 at around level 200. As we have talked, pets have the love gauge. This gauge can be full by killing monsters. If the love your pet has much, you will have chances and points to stats what they get at level.

    In Helmet Heroes, there is an option named "companion" to make the pet's love increase faster. The deadly side is a form of "binding". In case, you only can un-companion a pet if you release him or buy the item from the ticket shop. But it is also racist and offensive. If your pet is KO'd, it will lose the love. So, try to avoid KO. And it is the reason you set the Exp ratio low.

    How to build Love for Helmet Heroes pets

  •  If you buy your pet, the love measure will be low. Thus, you should set the Exp as low as possible 25/10. You can kill the green bouncers to build the love. You can take a few levels to get enough love.
  • Someone said that if you are at 70 Love, you will have the max benefits. But this is not confirmed. You'd better keep the max love at every level. When the love is the max, you can set the Exp to 55/70.
  •  You can get 25% as the lowest and 55% as the highest. The food is cheap. You can spend 2000 coin to get 100 quickly.

    Evolution and other benefits from itWe have three stages in depth guideStage 1: Of course, they are very weak. They can't do too much to attack or defend until you level up and get some items. At this time, set the Exp low and kill green bouncers from a distance. Warriors should look for a bow to destroy the weak enemies to fill Love to 100. As Archers and Mages, you have spells like thunder and it's easy to do. The gain to stats at this level is also very low.

    Stage 2: is at level 30. Go forward and evolve your pet. Before this level, you should have gotten some boosts and a helm for defend. After evolving, pet stats have the great chance to increase. But it is risky.Stage 3: is the final stage of evolution. Here, your pet is at level 60. Some pets gain Mount Mode. You will be stronger and faster. But you still avoid damage for you and your pet. At this stage, you can hope for the higher stats and points. Mounts can start to gain more Power and HP. Some mount pets that are t level 200 get over 5000 HP.

    Glitches, Bugs, and other issues of Helmet Heroes game

  •  If one of two people makes a deadly blow, your pet will not receive any EXP, but you get full EXP.
  •  Mount Mode can delete the previous existing mode.
  •  Pets sometimes stop attacking after they are in the Attack Mode for a long time. 
  •  Pets don't receive any Exp from Guilds. 
  •  Pets don't gain the power from boots. 
  •  The pet orb system is buggy and has lots of visual glitches.

    How about Helmet Heroes Mount Mode information

  •  Mount Mode is the mode you can achieve at the stage 3. You can ride your pet and give it some tactics because both of you become one. 
  •  Mount Mode makes you faster, But 40% of the pet's power is added to your attack stats. As we stated, it used to be 20%. 
  •  You can ride 7 pets in this mode. Some of them can stand on their hind legs. 
  •  But Mount mode also has the cons. It will cancel a previous existing mode of your pet.

    Pet Orb System

    Pet orb system is a way helps the inactive pets become more useful. It is one of the "very good" updates. You can gain Power, Range, and Magic. For attack power, the offensive stats will be calculated as: all odd the pet's Power is divided by 1/4, and round it up. For example, a pet has 15 Power. Then, you will gain 4 points to Power, Range and Magic. In the Payvault, there is an item called Orb Specialization. It puts all gained point into one stat. But it gives up to 80% total gained and still adds a lot of power. It can detect your class and put all points into that stat. However, it can hurt you from multi-classing.


  •  Having more pets and raising them will give you a large power that is added to your stats quickly.
  •  For multiclass, it can add points into an area like Defense and Dex if you still lack these areas.
  •  Mount mode is now useless.
  • This article is the summary of updates in depth guide. Surely, it is still flawed. If you want to know more, please follow us and catch up the latest news! 

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