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Helmet Heroes Beginners Guide
Posted by: Helmet, 2015-10-26, 10:31 - 13 comments

Let’s explore Helmet Heroes Beginners Guide by Dronzin! This article includes a lot of useful information for beginners.

What is Helmet Heroes game?

Of course, Helmet Heroes is an online flash game made by Rob Scherer. But it is not simply a game. It is also the place where you can cooperate with other friends in the wide world to destroy the monsters, gain equipment, and weapons, together with upgrading various skills and improving capacities. Helmet Heroes game has different features such as Guilds, Combat, PvP and PvE, Equipment, Skills, Abilities, Missions, and Classes.

Register an account

If you are the newbie, you need to register an account. First of all, you will load the game first. Then, choose the play button. If your internet connection works well, you may connect to the server and see the main Menu. If you want, you can click here to play Helmet Hero now

Next, you will press "Create a Character" and move to another Menu. Here, you will type your Username, Password, Email and others including gender, hair, eyes, and skin. After that, select Finished.


To play this Helmet Heroes game, you need to remember some keys:1. If you move, you can use the arrow keys or WASD. 2. Attack the enemies by using Spacebar.3. And pick up the items with E key.

Ability PointsM

1. HP represents your total present Health. If you spend HP, you can increase your total HP by 10.2. MP shows the current and total Magic point. You use MP for special attacks. At that time, you can beat the enemy with a magic staff or wand and even more. Like HP, every time you take MP, your total MP will increase by 10.3. (Note: If you have the special attacks by controlling a staff or single wand, it will cost 2 Mana per attack while dual-wielding wands will drain 4 Mana).4. Strength (or known as Power) will make the rival seriously injured with melee attacks such as swords, mace, axe, or hammer. But unlike HP and MP, your melee damage just increases by 1 for every point spent on Strength. 5. Dexterity helps you increase your chance of making a special hit (350% regular damage), along with raising and improving the movement speed. Your critical hit rate will be by 0.33% and movement speed by 0.006 mph for each point. 6. Range provides to you the ability for the range attacks, especially for bows or sling. As Strength, every point will increase your range damage by 1.7. Defense's every spent point will reduce damage taken from enemies by 1.8. Magic will increase your magic damage by 1 for every point you spend. Skills are the important feature in Helmet Heroes that add improvements for your character so that you can use. Every time you level up, you will get one skill point. These improvements can be the special attacks, passive bonuses to certain stats. To see the list of all skills and how it works, click here


In this Beginners Guide, you have three primary classes in Helmet Heroes. They are Warriors, Archers, and Wizards. Each of these types will correspond to separate weapons, ability or skill points.

  • Warriors are the force use the Melee Weapons. These warriors are very strong, enthusiastic, and they can suffer many attacks. Warriors often use Strength, Dexterity, and Defense.
  •  Sub-Classes has Assassin High Crit/Speed), Barbarian (Max DMG), Shieldsman (High DEF/Tank)
  •  Archers control of the bow and slingshot well. They can hit monsters from a far distance. Their ability points are Range and Dexterity.
  •  Sub-Classes: Bowman (High Crit/Range), Ranger (Max Range), Archer (Balanced HP/DEX/Range)
  •  Wizards are those who have an aura, and they have the great magical power. Wizards use MP and Magic.Sub-Classes: Mage (High Magic/MP), Battlemage (Barbarian/Mage Hybrid), Wizard Tank (DEF/MAG/DEX)
  •  OtherBesides these characters, you can create any character to Helmet Heroes you want. If you want to play devil's advocate, you can find out the own style or class. It is advantageous once you like the challenge. What to make pure builds can be pretty funny although it is not effective to level up.Items Items are everything dropped by monsters or purchased from stores with money. Some of the items can be equipped with the character while others can be used. Items have different kinds, from weapons, armors to food and books.
    In which, Equipment has Weapons (Melee Weapons, Range Weapons, and Magic Weapons), Shield and Armor.1. Weapons
  • Melee weapons include Swords, Axes, Hammers, and more. They are one-handed or two-handed.
  •  Range weapons include Bows and Slingshots. These are all two-handed.
  •  Magic weapons have Staffs and Wands. Wands are one-handed. Staffs are two-handed.
  • 2. Shields provide an extra defense bonus for living longer. They are one-handed.3. Armor has four forms Helmet, Armor, Leggings, and Boots. UsageIn this Beginners Guide, you can use Items for the desired result. Food like bananas, apples will be used to gain HP, and MP. Books increase your abilities by 1 or 10.


    You can locate and get Maps by choosing Map button on the Menu. Here, you have the list of friends and a lot of yellow dots with black lines. The yellow dots are maps, stages. The black lines are your names and friends'. If you place the cursor on a yellow dot, you can see the information about map's number and name. Maps also show you the number of currently online players. Update the map by using the Refresh button.


    Missions in Helmet Heroes game are corresponding to the "Quests" of other games. NPCs give the task to you. You need to do something to return a reward such as dressing up an outfit, searching and picking an item, or doing errands. Missions make the storyline exciting and break up the boring with some nice dialogue.


    Friends are players in Helmet Heroes or your real friends also the one who want to know their place and chat with them. You can increase the default number of friends with an upgrade in the Payvault. Anyone can add you as a friend.


    Guilds in Helmet Heroes allow many players (up to 40) take part in a large group with a common objective. They are on the Guild List in Mushroom Village. They can join GvG (Guild versus Guild) to fight.  When training, anyone in your guild can share the experience you get from destroying a monster. You will also receive a share of their experience. Go to the Guild House in the Mushroom Village to create a Guild. And you need to spend $20,000 for it. After having a Guild, a Guild flag will appear on your back. It not, you should enter a map a couple times.

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